Become the very best freelancer you can be – break the chains of corporate journalism.

At SquareFT we provide solutions for independent and freelance journalists. We will work with you to help with crowdfunding, campaigns, collaboration and networking to reach your goal. As an independent freelance journalist you can put your audience in a position of power, where you cover the topics they are interested in, topics that can get left behind by mainstream media due to advertisement/sponsorship conflicts etc etc.

Journalists who crowdfund strongly believe in the journalistic norm of autonomy, so by raising your profile and gaining the trust and support of those who want to watch or read stories that are avoided by the mainstream, then SquareFT is the best place to start your journey of independence and free thinking. Break the shackles of ‘corporate journalism’ and provide something fresh, original and cover stories that stuffy corporate bosses tend to avoid. Welcome to the brand new world of autonomous journalism.

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